Doug Graham, Auctioneer # AU005976

About Us

This is who we are

  • We are a family business
    • Sibling founded
    • Lead event organizers are like family
  • We are transparent
  • We are respectful
    • of client's needs
    • of client's lifelong possessions
  • We maximize value for our clients
  • We help our clients prepare for next steps

This is what we do

  • We liquidate estates with an on-line auction format
  • We catalog, research and market each item to maximize value for our clients
  • We manage the liquidation process in a safe and efficient manner from initial consultation to final settlement

This is where we can help

  • If you are downsizing
  • If you are settling an estate
  • If you are settling a divorce
  • If you are selling an entire estate
  • If you are selling a partial estate

This is why we are different

  • We research, catalog and photograph all items that we list in a professional manner. Each item has an average of five photographs along with a detailed description that includes links to more information about similar items to help establish value.
  • Items are open for bidding for five to seven days giving potential buyers time to make an informed bid.
  • This contrasts with the one or two hours that buyers typically spend at traditional on-site tag sales.
  • Items are listed by category that makes navigating to items of interest quick and easy.
  • The on-line format attracts a broader and more diverse audience than typical estate tag sales.
  • Market forces set the value of the items not the person conducting the sale
  • Shipping is available for all appropriate items.
  • State of the art packaging insures that items sold are protected in transition

This is how we do it

  • Free initial consultation.
  • Items are cataloged, photographed and researched On-line auction begins
  • Items are aggressively marketed to thousands of potential buyers
  • A preview is held on the premises
  • Auction continues and closes
  • Payments are handled through credit card or PayPal transactions only.
  • Pick up on the premises
  • State of the art shipping is available
  • Entire process takes between 30-45 days from initial consultation to settlement
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