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Descriptions:Time Life Book Set of Mysteries of the Unknown including Dreams and Dreaming, Mysterious Creatures, The UFO Phenomena, Psychic Powers, Witches and Witchcraft, Mystic Quests, The Mysterious World, Search for Immortality, The Mind and Beyond, Cosmic Connections, Spirit Summonings, Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects, Power of Healing, Mysterious Lands and People, Cosmic Duality, Secrets of the Alchemists. Magical Arts, Alien Encounters, Mystic Places, Psychic Voyages, Mind over Matter. Eastern Mysteries, Earth Energies, Utopian Visions, Time and Space, Magical Arts, The Mystical Year, Hauntings, Transformations, Search for the Soul, Eastern Mysteries, The Psychics, Phantom Encounters, Visions and Prophecies and Master Index and Illustrations. Time Life launched an impressive advertising campaign in the 1980's to coincide with the release of this series (a new book was sent every month). Mysteries of the Unknown is about the paranormal and was published from 1987 to 1991. Within 15 months of the series' release, it had broken every sales record for the company. Interesting reading with lots of illustrations.
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Descriptions:Antique Webster Notebook Series Volume Library Golden Anniversary Edition for the Educators Associations Inc. edited by Commercial Publishers. The volume library was founded in 1911 it is an encyclopedia of practical and cultural information, brief concise and clear, topically arranged for ready reference and home study. It was published by the Educators Association Inc. in New York. It was copyrighted in 1911, 1912 and 1913 by the W. E. Richardson Company. Also included is the Story of America by Hamilton W. Maybury and several other authors. Published by John C. Winston and Company in Philadelphia, Chicago & Toronto dated 1895. It is a record of 400 years from Columbus to the present time with 350 illustrations. Also included is a Webster's Dictionary unabridged edition that was purchased in 1871 for $10. It was published in Springfield, Massachusetts in1871. Also included is the Complete and unabridged Webster's Dictionary and Home Reference Library the International Edition that was edited by Henry Cecil Wilde and published by the Jay, Lytle and Ives Company in New York.
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Descriptions:Collection of vintage books including the Phoenix Edition of Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders. Ths is an autobiography with an introduction by Ezequiel Butterworth of "Youth's Companion" this was republished in 1922. Also included are The Bopsy Twins and Baby May by Laura Lee Hope copyright 1924 by Gosset and Dunlap. And printed in the United States. Also Included is The Bopsy Twins Keeping House by also published by Gosset and Dunlap in 1925 and Heartthrobs, the old scrapbook in prose and verse Dear to the American people, it's a national magazine 1904 through 1905 by Chapel Publishing Company in Boston, Massachusetts and a Mitchell's New Intermediate Geography published by Butler Sheldon Company by M. S. Augustus Mitchell was copyrighted in 1881. There is a sketchbook from Westinghouse High 1932 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with amazing photographs and another sketchbook that looks like a yearbook from Westinghouse, Memories of You 1926 is also included.
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